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I'm leaving Newgrounds because it sucks.

3/27/13 by AppleJack

Nah jk.


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61 commenter!

7/10/13 AppleJack responds:

Good job. You achieved self-happiness.

50 fans!? You........ lucky.......... pony........

6/27/13 AppleJack responds:

60th comment? Dayum, you lucky nigga!



I LIKE THE NUMBER 50!!!!!!!!

6/26/13 (Updated 6/26/13) AppleJack responds:

I like it too, but i think 69 is the sexiest.



Well, if they want to get an audience, they'll need some advance notice. Nobody's going to tune in for a premiere if you announce it the day before. If I had to guess, I'd say it's at least a month away.

6/24/13 AppleJack responds:

True, true..

Hope their marketing strategy works out though; don't want such a great game and idea go to waste.



If you're talking about BfED, Pokehidden has the latest version on his tumblr account. doesn't make it very clear when their next masterpiece is coming out, unfortunately.

6/22/13 AppleJack responds:

One thing for sure, aamfp will be coming out soon, guessing like 1-3 months during the summer... Think about it, for ATDD, it was officially announced on November 13, 2009, near a year before it was released on September 8, 2010. It is now nearly a year since the first original announcement, which was June 14, 2012. Keep your eyes peeled; your summer will be a blast.

Korra, I don't have too much info one, so can't really guess.



Easier to make, sure, but the guy's doing multiple projects at once and doesn't get money from it, to my knowledge.

Other considerations: they still haven't announced an airdate for the start of Korra's new season, and AAMFP has been in development since at least last Halloween.

6/22/13 AppleJack responds:

I still stand my ground that Banned from Equestria will come out first, as the other two are multi man tasks to complete; more men means more work.

If they have not even released an air date, it is still undergoing tests and is in construction, so yea, it will come later.

Wait where does he post the game though?



I'm getting the impression that 4chan deletes everything after a couple hours. Anyway, we'll know if it's legit within a few months.

In the meantime, we can debate which will come first: AAMFP, Banned from Equestria Daily v1.5, or season 2 of Korra.

6/20/13 AppleJack responds:

I would say Banned from Equestria Daily v1.5, as it seems to be more easy to create, but I'm not too sure about the other two.



Aww, they deleted the thread already?

6/18/13 AppleJack responds:

They could not just let valuable fap material to the public like that.

Greedy bastards.


Supposedly legit. Muh jimmies.

6/18/13 AppleJack responds:

Fuck too late.



This should take less time to get a response out of you.

6/17/13 AppleJack responds:

You are right.



6/17/13 AppleJack responds:

The thread has more plot than that of a clop pic.

Name change.

6/12/13 (Updated 6/12/13) AppleJack responds:

I don't know what you did to sean1694, but I'll get him back.



She's not the only one messing around in the human world.

6/12/13 AppleJack responds:

Dat grin.




6/9/13 AppleJack responds:

Twilight grabbed my boob.

Fucking scum.



How are the finals going?

6/7/13 AppleJack responds:

Good. Next Friday is last day.


Umm, I did a bad thing.

6/1/13 AppleJack responds:

Meanwhile in Texas, Hank is mesmerized by the masterpiece of modern music.



I still got 3 damn weeks, WE GOT DEM REGENTS BOI

6/1/13 AppleJack responds:




Don't fuck up or your parents will kill you.

No pressure though.

5/31/13 AppleJack responds:

I am half-Chinese.

They are Asian, and expect A's, as we are not Bsians, or Csians, but Asians.



How are your studies going?

5/27/13 AppleJack responds:

Good. Just a week more of studying until tests.
Thanks for asking.

all right then.

5/22/13 AppleJack responds:


How you like them apples?



I dunno man, communist propaganda often is aimed at farmers, but usually they're smart enough to oppose it because their land and livestock would all be claimed by the government. A lot of them, even in the countries that did become communist, foresaw a city idiot making them try to work infertile fields and setting impossible harvest quotas for them. I'd say farmers have the greatest tendency of any working profession to favor capitalism, but of course socialists often refer to capitalists as fascists as a sort of straw-man argument. Furthermore, as Rarity loves attention but feigns generosity at the same time, I think she would fit in well with a strong Communist Party, and thus made that video to defame Applejack's hard work.
I hope to see more of this when the time comes.

5/22/13 AppleJack responds:

Communism is equal distribution of property. Applejack works on the farm, and gives everyone their fair share of apples in the town. Fascism is like an absolute power that strictly rules over the people under harsh laws. Rarity tells people to be civil and mannered and is very strict on that with her sister. Also, she acts like a higher power that thinks she deserves all the attention, and is like propaganda where she says she is very elegant, and should be paid attention too (like a cult of personality). I dunno. Classifying these characters as governing methods is a bit difficult.

That video was funny.


A little something to break up your studies.

5/19/13 (Updated 5/19/13) AppleJack responds:

This song... I love it...

But I don't see how Applejack is symbol of fascism. If anything, Rarity is the closest thing to fascist, as she views herself higher than everyone else, and uses her sister. Applejack is more communist, as she farms and is the "common worker."

Sup dude. anything new?

5/19/13 AppleJack responds:

Nope. You?



how r u ? :)

5/15/13 AppleJack responds:

I em gud. Long time no hear...


You know nothing of rustling.

5/14/13 AppleJack responds:

Anthro is way below the bar here...



more like ASPERJACK lol

5/12/13 AppleJack responds:

Lol. I shit Kellog's Applejacks now.



what was your reaction when u were first diagnosed with aspergers

5/12/13 AppleJack responds:

I shat burgers from my ass.



See, C&H is aware of its dark humor. The writers of Equestria Girls will probably be blissfully unaware of how insipid their show is. It'll be a very different experience.

5/11/13 AppleJack responds:

Wait are the writers of "Equestria Girls" the same as MLP? If not, then I might have to agree with you... But think of it this way... How do you entertain your target audience when they can't exactly comprehend intelligent jokes?



Only if you like dark humor.

5/9/13 AppleJack responds:

Cyanide and Happiness is the best comic that expresses dark humor.

Equestria girls will be hilarious.

5/9/13 AppleJack responds:

It would,



To be fair, Spingebill shared some of the guilt from the start, when he tore of Patrick's head. He got what he had coming.

4/29/13 AppleJack responds:

Eye for an eye.



You're right about friendship; shortly before Cake pops out, you can see filly Twilight summoning her from Spingebill's mouth.

4/24/13 AppleJack responds:

That fucking whore. She controlled everyone to say no to the task for Spingebill to get into proximity with Ms. Puff to summon Cake, and Twilight used black magic to fuck shit up with the universe and the state of balance with matter.

She is a conspiracy, and part of the Illuminati, and ought to be revoked of her powers.



Youtube Poop: Spingebill's Downward Spiral of Crime

4/23/13 AppleJack responds:

Friendship ruined everything. As you can clearly see, Cake fucks shit up by jumping dimensions and creating a black hole via Ms. Puffs eye socket, which caused the Higgs Field to collapse on its own, causing matter to be fucked up. 5:10



Are you tired or something? It sounds like you're confusing the Lich with Prismo. The Lich is evil, undead, and has horns. Prismo is pink and grants wishes.

4/19/13 AppleJack responds:





If I could reflect on that episode a bit more, I think we'll find that it has a decent amount of information about the show's lore and philosophy. Jake evidently got hit by the idiot ball, but that was just to allow Prismo's character development, so I won't touch on that very strongly. Instead, what deserves more focus is the "Monkey's paw" idea. I don't think it was a mere reference; it seems that the writers really consider the battle between good and evil to be fated. When Finn wishes away the Lich's existence, he interferes with this fate, and instead must face the Destiny Gang, whose name is extremely important. They represent the fact that he must always fight evil in one form or another. As a bonus, Finn's attempts to stop them and save the other humans inadvertently creates the Lich a second time, suggesting fate touched both the death of humanity and the birth of the Lich. The same goes for the emergence of an Ice King, except Finn replaces Simon in this respect. In short, they could only beat the Lich permanently by outwitting him (with Prismo's help), not by cheating him out of existence.

4/18/13 (Updated 4/19/13) AppleJack responds:

Good analysis. When you make the point with cheating prismo out of his existence, it is like the second wish, where the mother wished for cash, and her son died. In a way this could also be referred to the third wish, when she wishes for her son back. This wish also cheats her son with the idea of existence, but instead of cheating him out of it, she cheats him into it.

I think i can see the parallel from the episode to this story now. The first wish with the money can be closely related to the wish where prismo wishes for the universe to never exist. When the wife wishes for the money, and they have a dead son, it is like they are trapped in a world where they cant do anything, and they don't exactly know what to do. This can be drawn closely with the time when Jake and Finn are in the room, wondering what to do with the remaining two wishes.

Now here is where it gets a bit messed up with the wishes. Instead of where the wish for the son to be alive, Lich is wished to be dead, and everything is messed up in the universe for Finn. Here, a parallel can be drawn in between the son coming to the door, and the messed up universe. These two wishes have outcomes where they are both messed up. The son is imagined to look horrible, and the universe is in a horrible damnation. I think the writers meant to symbolize the outcomes of Finn's universe with the outcomes of the wife's wish to bring the son back.

The third wish can be drawn to a parallel where they both undid the wishes previously made in both stories. Jake wishes for them to be home, and for all this to never have happened, where the father wishes the son to be dead, making sure the second wish had never come to be.

Yea if this IS indeed what the writers of the show advocated to symbolize and subtly reference to a short story, i must say that this is a wonderfully well written episode that is of appealing taste for both the young viewer and the more mature minded audience.



The-weaver strives for simplicity.

Or he makes too many pics to finish any of them. I'm not sure which it is.

4/15/13 AppleJack responds:

Procrastination is the artist's biggest bitch to fuck.


Tell me your very first reaction to this.

4/14/13 AppleJack responds:

The drawing was horrible.

That was the first thing.

Lol. Anything new with you lately AJ?

4/10/13 (Updated 4/10/13) AppleJack responds:

Nop. Been unactive lately due to school :(.




4/7/13 AppleJack responds:

C-c-c-combo breaker!



I found him very relatable, because despite his generosity towards Jake, willingness to play the politically correct game (after his "nasty" comment), and reassuring attitude in the face of grave choices, he has a generally cynical view of traditional relationships. Even though he can't really escape his loneliness fully and must bide his time with friends, he knows a typical romantic relationship would impede his personal liberty in unnecessary ways. Thus, he holds out, hoping to find someone who rejects the norm, as he does.

4/7/13 AppleJack responds:

In a way like the average high school student, but he is more in depth with these relationships and can analyze social situations better then that of the "average" high school student. Some of them just don't really know what is going on around them, and just make things awkward when they don't even realize it, you know? You find very few people like that IRL, and it must be difficult for him to find someone like that....



What do you think of Prismo, as a character? me-season-5-episode-1-finn-the-humanjake-the-d og

4/4/13 (Updated 4/4/13) AppleJack responds:

Prismo was a really interesting character, and honestly, reminds me a bit of high school, as he does possess a few characteristics of a high schooler. His attitude towards a "girlfriend" is very mush like the ordinary adolescent, and how he talks and acts towards Jake and that owl is very high school like.

Prismo captivated my interest and captivated me when he mentioned the story of the monkeys paw, which i have really loved as one of my favorite short stories. I was really touched and pleased that the writers will incorporated such a thing to the show, kinda like an easter egg for the older audience.

Even though he might be small in the story, he really is a well thought out character who does play a huge back-bone to the story of this episode.

I like to hear what you thought of this character.


3/31/13 =20110128034633AAlEEK6
The great thing about yahoo answers is that some people were dumb enough to take it seriously.

4/1/13 AppleJack responds: 06rasputin/p/rasputin22.jpg
His face can be taken seriously.



what? that im not friends with that troll dubstepfag?

4/1/13 AppleJack responds:

the love story must go on!
nah jk we all hate him



lol do you like mlp porn???? i sure as hell do but dubstepboy dont cos he is a fag. xD also no hes not my friend anymore >_<

3/30/13 (Updated 3/30/13) AppleJack responds:

my heart is broken by that story :(

I'm Deity

3/30/13 AppleJack responds:

I am a Deity.



i almost got a heart attack =.=

3/30/13 AppleJack responds:




That was my purpose; to destroy the entire medical side of the economy... and vice versa.

3/30/13 AppleJack responds:

God damn it, destroy the United States Federal Government if anything! Medical doctors are mediocre to crap...



But what if I was eating apples all along?!

3/28/13 (Updated 3/28/13) AppleJack responds:

Then you kept the doctor away.

Look what you did to the medical sector!

Cos-player of what?

3/28/13 AppleJack responds:

probs of me



I was going to burst in joy but then I saw that you're joking thus I sat at the little dark corner of my room and started crying the shit out of me.


3/28/13 AppleJack responds:

I was masterbating vigorously whilst reading the text of Chrausner.