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Jesus fucking christ....

2013-03-05 22:17:27 by AppleJack

My school is accused for some fucking sexual harrasment with the thre kids and whatnot....

Just for the records, this is A HUGE FUCKING EXAGGERATION! The Bronx science track team is almolst half homosexual, there is weed going on in my school which even teachers know and joke about. The story that goes around the school is so much less severe than it should be. Here is what i have heard from almolst everybody:

3 Kids decided they wanted to pick on a kid because he was a gay ass faggot who snitched on them for homework and copying them, and decided to take revenge on them. That, or that the kid was athletically weak. Nontheless, they retaliated by pinning him on the ground, and slapped his balls, not finger him, not anal rape him, just slapped his balls.

Schools these days need to fucking clear their heads on how this generation runs. When someone says "You need a good fingering, you freshmen" doesn't fucking mean they would do it, but it is a fucking joke. We would go around school saying "I fucked your mother last night" or "your ass is mine" or some fucking shit like that, but did we fucking do it? NO! WE ARE FUCKING KIDDING AROUND, AND WE NEVER WOULD DO SUCH HEINOUS THINGS!

We are amoung the top 100 schools in this nation, internationally acclaimed for scientific achievements, and mathmatical advancements, but for you adults to accuse teenagers for the most MINOR things is BEYONG outrageous.

Get your shit together reporters, and get your stories straight.


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2013-03-05 22:56:19

Why would a pony care about the Bronx?

AppleJack responds:

Fuck the bronx, i care about Bronx science


2013-03-05 23:31:22

Who the fuck slaps another dude's balls?

You're a silly pony...

AppleJack responds:

You're a silly human


2013-03-05 23:46:14

Slapped in the balls, Is that like slamming your hand down on them or a Sack Tap?

AppleJack responds:

idk, but it was a slap


2013-03-06 01:18:40

Well, we don't know how hard the slap was. A grazing swipe would be a lot easier to take than someone trying to flatten them. Seeing as he was pinned on the ground ("between a rock and a hard place," as the saying goes...), the latter seems plausible. But again, we don't really know. And since the only witnesses are the victim and the attackers, we can't get an objective testimony.

Really though, since we're only a generation or two from rote learning and students getting beaten by teachers, guys hitting each other lightly shouldn't be a big deal.

AppleJack responds:

That is the part that makes me pissed off. We have more bigger problems then these four students, and everyone in this nation is looking and staring at us.


2013-03-06 05:06:54

I don't see why you would be frustrated by such a thing.

AppleJack responds:

4 news stations and 2 journalists came to investigate "rape"


2013-03-06 15:36:07

my school is way much worse , do you know what i do to avoid all this shit ? i just go there with 200v stun gun

AppleJack responds:

jesus christ


2013-03-06 15:39:17

i bought it with 40 bucks , touch me and i'll stun the fuck of you ^^

AppleJack responds:

: (


2013-03-06 15:40:47

and yeah slapping your balls is a rape

AppleJack responds:

i say it isnt, rape is more worse


2013-03-06 15:58:39

Wow... This story was so true, also... He could bitch slap them for revenge XD

AppleJack responds:

this is national news, i doubt he would want more attention then he is already getti g


2013-03-06 16:16:48

The word 'rape' is so easily dropped these days that it does indeed make me sick.

AppleJack responds:

an overused and abused word


2013-03-06 20:06:36

why slap the balls when you can punch them >_>

AppleJack responds:

good thinking!


2013-03-06 21:00:26

slap some nuts, didn't know that was the new way to intimidate

AppleJack responds:

that is what cool kids be doing these days


2013-03-07 18:51:25

I could of slap the old man's balls for almost raping me >:(

AppleJack responds:

It was a student with another


2013-03-09 10:09:46

Slapping a kid's balls is pretty dumb as well. I understand it's not rape, but it's also not normal or good in any way.

AppleJack responds:

it isn't


2013-03-16 17:09:23

i think schools should try to get lots of evedence